Learn English Through football Podcast: 2019-20 Chelsea vs Liverpool

Chelsea vs LiverpoolLearn English Through football Podcast: 2019-20 Chelsea vs Liverpool: On this week’s football-language podcast we look back at the action from the first set of games in the Champions League, we also explain a new phrase ‘draw a foul‘, ask a football-language quiz question and of course we look ahead to some of the big games being played this week in our predictions. If you’d like the transcript to the show please show your support by becoming a patron (through Patreon). With the transcript you can improve your English by reading as you listen, or if you are a teacher of English you can use the transcript to make several activities for your learners. If you have questions or comments, email us at: admin@languagecaster.com (Damian=DF, Damon=DB).

Learn English Through football Podcast: 2019-20 Chelsea vs Liverpool


DB: You’re listening to Languagecaster.com’s football-language podcast. Hi there everyone and welcome to the Learn English Through Football podcast; the podcast for all those who love the beautiful game of football and who are aiming to improve their English language skills. Now, my name is Damon and I am based in Tokyo, Japan, which is of course holding the rugby World Cup at the moment – rugby, the distant cousin of football, is not as popular here, but the excitement is beginning to build among the locals, especially as Japan won the opening game 30-10 against Russia on Friday. Of course, we have had Champions League group stage games this week and I wonder if Damian in London saw any? I saw Napoli versus Liverpool, ouch, and PSG against Real Madrid, as well as a bit of AtlĂ©tico Madrid’s draw with Juventus. Damian, how are you? Are you excited about the rugby and what football have you seen?

DF: Hello Damon, hello everyone. Yes, I am watching the opening weekend of the rugby – some great games yesterday and a nice win for Ireland today…

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