Learning English Through Football Podcast

Football Language Podcast

Since 2006 the languagecaster team have been producing football language podcasts for learners of English. There are different types of podcasts which last between 3 and 15 minutes and include some of the following features:

  • Explanations of football language
  • A review of the football news – with explanations and vocabulary support
  • Some predictions of upcoming games
  • A weekly football quiz

Main Features

  • Authentic listening: the podcast is delivered at natural speed and feature real-life stories from the world of football.
  • The podcast follows a similar format each week: an introduction, a review of the football week, an explanation of an English football phrase and predictions. All of these sections have language support for learners.
  • The show focuses on a particular theme each week – usually something that is in the news at that time, for example, about a famous player or a competition that is taking place.
  • As the content is authentic, it may be difficult for lower-level learners so teachers can adapt the tasks from the transcripts.
Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football

Free football language podcast for learners of English brought to you by Damian and Damon. Interviews, match reviews, predictions all with full language support for football fans around the world who wish to improve their English language skills.