Learning English Through Football

Welcome to the website that helps students interested in football improve their English language skills. Football fans can practise with lots of free language resources, including football-language podcasts and our huge football-language glossary.

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Podcasts: 2020-21

football language

A selection of football language podcasts from 2020-21 which offer explanations of football language from the season.

Podcasts: 2016-17

football language

A list of the football-language podcasts from the 2016-17 season in which we explain lots of football expressions and cliches.

Podcasts: 2011-12

language of goalkeepers

Languagecaster’s football-language podcasts from the 2011-12 season, including the European Championships from Poland and Ukraine.

Podcasts: 2009-10

5 questions about football derbies

A list of football-language podcasts from the 2009-10 season including from the World Cup in South Africa

Podcasts: 2006-07

football language

Here is a collection of our first season of football-language podcasts from way back in 2006!

The Language of...

Football Language Podcast

A list of special edition podcasts in which we take a look at lots of language connected to different aspects of football.

World Cup Resources

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