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Newspaper headlinesThe language of newspaper headlines is a very specific type of writing which sometimes might be difficut for learners of English to understand. Here at we look at different kinds of football newspaper headlines and explain some of the key words and terms used in them. We also have hundreds of explanations about other kinds of football language in our football glossary. If you have questions or comments about this or any other phrase then email us at:

Newspaper Headlines: Lucky Lacazette
Newspaper Headlines:  Raúl Jiménez winner sparks emotional scenes as Wolves beat Southampton
Football Newspaper Headlines: Farewell Greavsie
Football Newspaper Headlines: Golden Return for Ronaldo
Football Newspaper Headlines: Welcome Back To Manchester
Football Newspaper Headlines: Fans Turn on Arsenal After Dismal Start
Football Newspaper Headlines: Who Needs Harry?
Newspaper Language: 7 Up
Newspaper Language: The World Has Lost a Legend
Newspaper Language: Rampant Reds
Newspaper Headline: Watkins Humbles Arsenal
Newspaper Headline: ‘Nobby Stiles: The Heart and Soul of the Team’
Newspaper Headline: Rashford Piles Pressure on PM over Free Meals
Newspaper Headline: All at sixes and sevens
Newspaper Headline: Jose Puts Boot In
Newspaper Headline: Back in the Big Time
Newspaper Headline: Head Auba Heels
Newspaper Headline Language: Burnley say sorry over plane shame
Newspaper Headline: ‘A moment for change’
Newspaper Headline: Ready for a reboot
Newspaper Headline: Werner’s hat-trick prompts distancing gaffe
Newspaper Headline: Bundesliga gets go-ahead to resume season in second half of May
Newspaper Headline: Spurs U-Turn as Pressure Pays
Newspaper Headline: Players Dig Deep for NHS
Newspaper Headlines: No way, José
Newspaper Headline: Sick as a Parrott
Newspaper Headline: Guardiola: City sit in a league of their own
Newspaper Headline: The Real deal
Newspaper Headline: Valentine’s Day Massacre
Newspaper Headline: Losing it
Newspaper Headline: Fernandes Finally Announced
Newspaper Headline: Saved by the bell
Newspaper Headline: Put your shirt on Liverpool
Newspaper Headline: ‘Legend’ Agüero Breaks Henry Record
Newspaper Headline: Reiss is the word
Newspaper Headline: So VAR Out Of Sight
The Language of Football Headlines: Gareth wins the douBale
The Language of Football Headlines: Robert Lewandowski slams four past Real Madrid as Dortmund take control
The Language of Football Headlines: Bayern Munich crush Barcelona with Thomas Müller leading the rout
Euro 2012 Headline: Spain start with Silva and end with gold
Football Headlines: Republic of Ireland mount the blockade to thwart wasteful Russia
Football Headlines: REDS LOOK HALF DONE


  • has a great page about newspaper headlines with some really nice example activities

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