World Cup WordWorld Cup Word of the Day. It’s the fourth day of the World Cup and today, Languagecaster introduces the phrase nil nil. Every day we plan to bring you a word or phrase that has been part of the World Cup 2014 story.

World Cup Word of the Day: Nil Nil

Most games this tournament have featured  a lot of goals. The average so far is over 3 goals a game. However, sometimes no team wins. This is called a draw. When a team doesn’t score they have no goals. However, we usually say zero but instead nil. So, for example, Germany beat Portugal four nil (4-0). If neither team scores it is nil-nil (0-0). Today was the first nil-nil draw of the competition, with Iran and Nigeria playing out a nil-nil draw.

  • Example: Iran and Nigeria played to a nilnil draw, the first tie of the 2014 World Cup. (The Scotsman)

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  • Bit hungover today boss? Couple of typos seem to have slipped through the fog of football and caipirinha. Thought at first a “drawdon’t” might be some new footie term I’d missed out on. But online searches tend to suggest it was first coined by on 17/6/14!

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