World Cup Word of the day: Re-Write the Record Books

re-write the record booksThis is the last in our World Cup Word of the Day posts – it’s been a fantastic tournament and hopefully these key words will bring back memories of the action. Our final phrase is, Re-write the record books. Why not try our World Cup Word Quiz, too, to see how well you know your football language!

World Cup Phrase – Re-Write the Record Books

The record books refers to the statistics of the game: for example, who has cored the most goals ever at World Cups? (Germany’s Klose with 16) Who is the oldest to ever appear at a World Cup? (Columbia’s Mondragon at 42) etc. To re-write means to add or change the record. This World Cup was the first time a European side has won in the Americas, and so Germany winning the title re-wrote the record books. You can also ‘rip up the record books‘, which emphasises something was a particular shock or surprise.

  • Example: The inspired Germans scored five goals in 18 first-half minutes to re-write the record books as Brazil’s defence caved in. (Reuters)
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