World Cup Word of the Day: Pick Up a Caution

pick up a cautionEach day during the 2014 World Cup the languagecaster team explains a key word or phrase for learners of English in our World Cup Language posts. Today, we focus on the phrase ‘pick up a caution‘. Why not try our World Cup Word Quiz, too, to see how well you know your football language!

World Cup Phrase – Pick Up a Caution

A caution is a warning. A referee can caution a player by speaking to them or by giving them a yellow card. To pick up means to get or to receive, so the verb phrase, to pick up a caution, means to be given a yellow card, to be shown a yellow card. You can also use the verb to pick up with an injury – to pick up an injury.

  • Example: Thiago Silva picked up a caution on Brazil’s game against Columbia and is out of the semi final.
  • Example: Di Maria picked up an injury in the quarter final against Belgium and will miss the semis.
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