LullEach day during the 2014 World Cup the languagecaster team is explaining a key word or phrase for learners of English in our World Cup Language posts. Yesterday we had ‘a good finish‘, and today, we focus on the noun ‘lull‘. Why not try our World Cup Word Quiz, too, to see how well you know your football language!

World Cup Phrase – (a) Lull

The noun lull is describes a quiet period in between periods of activity. For example, during stormy weather, the rain and wind may stop for a short period, and on the football pitch, a game may be very exciting with lots of attacking football, but there may be a quiet period – lull is used to describe these quiet periods. It can also be used as a verb. To lull means to make someone relaxed and feel safe before surprising them.

  • Example: After the group stages, there is a lull in the action before the knockout stage begins.
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