World Cup WordWorld Cup Word of the Day. It’s the fifth day of the World Cup and today, Languagecaster introduces the phrase goalkeeping gaffe. Every day we plan to bring you a word or phrase that has been part of the World Cup 2014 story.

World Cup Word of the Day: Goalkeeping Gaffe

A gaffe is a kind of mistake – usually an embarrassing one. In football we often use this word when talking about mistakes or blunders that goalkeepers might make – it is similar to the word howler. In the Group H match between Russia and Korea last night there was a goalkeeping gaffe when the Russian keeper Akinfeev allowed the ball to slip from his hands and into the net to put Korea 1-0 up. The shot was not particularly difficult to stop so it which made it more embarrassing for the Russian stopper – it was a big error; a goalkeeping gaffe.

  • Example: The Russian goalkeeper produced the goalkeeping gaffe of the tournament after spilling the ball into his own net against Korea.

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