World Cup Word of the Day: The Champions’ Curse

World Cup WordWorld Cup Word of the Day. It’s the sixth day of the World Cup and Languagecaster introduces a new phrase, the Champions’ Curse. Every day we plan to bring you a word or phrase that has been part of the World Cup 2014 story.

World Cup Word of the Day: Champions Curse

A curse is bad luck or misfortune that happens to someone. Another word is jinx. When you think you are always unlucky, you say you are cursed or jinxed. Before this World Cup, people wondered whether there was a champions’ curse. In 2002, the 1998 Champions, France, failed to get to the second round. In 2010, the 2006 Champions, Italy, didn’t make it out of the group. Commentators wondered if champions always had bad luck and performed badly in the next competition. It seems that there is a champions’ curse, as today, Spain, the 2010 champions have crashed out of this year’s tournament. The champions’ curse.

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