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World Cup Word of the Day: Blown Away

blown awayThis has been such a great tournament, with so many twists and turns. It has been difficult to decide on what words and phrases sum up each day, but one phrase springs to mind when thinking about how Germany’ destroyed Brazil 7-1 in the first semi final of the 2014 World Cup: today, we focus on the phrase ‘blown away‘. Why not try our World Cup Word Quiz, too, to see how well you know your football language!

World Cup Phrase – Blown Away

To blow someone away means to kill them with a gun, to shoot them. In football, this dramatic phrase is used to describe a game where one team completely dominated another team AND scored a bucketful of goals. To blow a team away, means to easily defeat them by a large margin. It is also often used in the passive form, ‘The team was blown away in the first half’, and so on. In the semi final today, Brazil were beaten by Germany 7-1 – an unbelievable loss, the biggest margin in World Cup history.

  • Example: (Headline) Brazil blown away by sharp Germany. (ESPN)
  • Example: Germany blew Brazil away in a sensational 18-minute spell in the first-half that yielded five goals.
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