The 2010 World Cup final takes place this weekend and we cast our eyes over the two teams and give our predictions. Vocabulary, in bold from the transcript of this report can be found below. If you have questions or comments then you can email us at: (Damon=DB; Damian=DF).


Game 64 of the World Cup, has Holland taking on the Spanish to decide the winners of the 19th World Cup tournament. Neither of these two sides have previously won the trophy before and despite having great players in their team, good form coming into the competition and strong footballing traditions, few pundits had tipped them to reach the final. That is except those here at languagecaster – Damon predicted a Holland victory while I went for Spain.

I still think it will be Spain for despite a slow start – remember their first game defeat against Switzerland? – they have been improving ever since. If they were to win the World Cup, it would mean they would be the first ever team to lose their opening match and still go on to win the competition. Though they have been criticised for not scoring goals – only 7 so far in the tournament – they have won most of their games comfortably. David Villa has been receiving many of the plaudits for his performances and goals but the midfield have been immense, constantly probing for openings, setting up scoring chances and maintaining a solid shape throughout. Xavi and Iniesta have been wonderful while Xavi Alonso has also been very consistent. Doubts about their defence have been answered with only 2 goals conceded in the whole competition, while we also have to praise the fact that Spain have only had 3 yellow cards and are one of the teams that have given away the least amount of fouls in the whole of the World Cup. They never panic, their footballing technique is second to none and their performance in the semi-final was amazing as they destroyed a very strong German side to win through. Holland are organised and have great players throughout their side but I am going for a dominant 1-0 win for Spain.


Well, we’re here it’s the final, fantastic, Holland against Spain, of course, I tipped Holland to win the whole thing right at the beginning of the World Cup – go on, look it up, check it out at I had it there in black and white. And do I think they’re going to go the whole way? Well, it’s certainly interesting both these teams have got to the final without really blowing away anybody, without really impressing people. Spain are the favourites of course but I’ve got to say, I find their style of play a little bit sterile, of course, it’s beautiful, yes, wonderful and they pass it so well and they don’t give the ball back and isn’t that wonderful but … where’s the passion, where’s the … I don’t know, where’s the action? Where’s the drama? In Spain, I just don’t get that. My heart is with Holland and I’d really love them to win so I’m going to go for them, what the hell, I’m going to lose the predictions battle, anyway. I think they’re going to win 2-1, it’s going to be a great game because both these teams set up quite defensively, if you look at it. You’ve got Van bommell and De Jong for Holland sitting in front of their defenders and you’ve got Busquets and Alonso for Spain doing the same thing. You’ve got some great play makers on both sides, obviously Iniesta for Spain and you’ve got Sneijder for Holland and Robben … adding a little bit of spice and Villa who’s deadly and he may get the Golden Boot here who knows? So, it’s all to play for, I really hope it’s going to be a good game and to be a good game I think Holland have to score first, ‘cos if Spain do, well, we might as well put the mood music on and the volume down on the TV and just watch the pretty patterns


taking on: To face, to play against

pundits: Expert football commentators

receiving many of the plaudits: The player has received much adulation, many people like one player because of his strong performances

probing : Searching

2 goals conceded: 2 goals have been let in; 2 goals have been scored against them

is second to none: No one is better

dominant: Convincing

blowing away anybody: Neither team has dominated another team

sterile: No imagination or flair

set up: Play, how the teams are organised

deadly: A very dangerous striker

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