World Cup Phrase of the Day: Vuvuzela

Can you remember the uproar over the Vuvuzela in the 2010 World Cup? With the African Cup of Nations kicking off in South Africa this weekend we thought we’d revisit Bafana Bafana’s favorite.

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The World Cup finally kicks off in South Africa tomorrow and already there is controversy over our first word of the day, the vuvuzela. You may never have heard of this word before but by the end of the World Cup you will be very aware of it and may well be even sick of it. It is of course the long, plastic horn blown by football supporters in South Africa, which makes such a noise that many players and managers have complained that they are unable to hear instructions. For example, the Thai manager Bryan Robson and Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso are two vociferous opponents of the vuvuzela. Personally I do not think it will be that bad and will even enhance the atmosphere of the games. The World Cup is taking place in South Africa and we should respect the culture of the local fans rather than forcing them to change. I wonder, however, how long it might take the all-powerful TV companies to complain? The vuvuzela.

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