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Today’s World Cup phrase of the day is the expression to step down which means to resign or to quit a job. The World Cup is over for many teams and their coaches and this means that many of them will lose their jobs because of poor performances. Others have made the decision to leave by themselves – they have not been fired or sacked. Thus, Italy’s coach Lippi and his French counterpart Domenech announced that they would be stepping down before the tournament had even started, while Mexico’s coach Aguirre has stepped down after his side were knocked out of the second round by Argentina. I wonder how England fans would feel about their coach Capello if he were to step down? To step down.

Example: Roy Hodgson to step down as Crystal Palace manager (Metro.co.uk, 18 May 2021).
Example: Joachim Löw to step down as Germany manager after Euro 2020 (The Guardian.co.uk, March 9 2021)

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