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2010 World Cup Phrase of the Day: To Kick Out

Every day during the World Cup, the languagecaster team explain a football phrase or cliché connected to this summer’s tournament. Click on the link below to hear the word or phrase and you can also read the transcript. You can find many more examples by going to our football phrase page here football clichés here and our huge football glossary here. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments then please email us at:

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Today’s World Cup phrase of the day is the expression to kick out which means to expel or throw out. This phrase is in the news today as it emerges that the Nigerian government has decided to withdraw its football team from international football for two years due to its poor performances at the World Cup. As FIFA is totally against government intervention in football, it has threatened to kick Nigeria out of its organisation meaning that Nigeria would be unable to play in the Africa Cup of Nations or the World Cup. The Nigerians have until Monday to change their decision or else they will be kicked out of world football for the near future. To kick out.

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Learn English Through Football
Learn English Through Football

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