World Cup Newsletter 2: World Cup Quarter-finals

The 2010 tournament has reached the quarter-final stage and on our 8th World Cup podcast we look forward to these mouth-watering ties. For more World Cup news and resources come to our site, read the posts and check out our links section. You can also have a chance to win a Brazil top – click here to find out more.



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    Tomorrow’s featured match is German v Argentina which Damian thinks will finish 2-3 and Damon feels Argentina will prevail 2-1.

  • Remember three points for a perfect score and one point for the right result. You can also join our predictions competition, where there’s a chance to win an original T-shirt! Check all our predictions here and let us know how you think the games will finish.
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    Every day during the World Cup, the languagecaster team explain a football phrase or cliché connected to this summer’s tournament. Here is a list of all the phrases we have done so far and here is yesterday’s phrase:

    Today’s World Cup phrase of the day is the expression to step down which means to resign or to quit a job. The World Cup is over for many teams and their coaches and this means that many of them will lose their jobs because of poor performances. Others have made the decision to leave by themselves – they have not been fired or sacked. Thus, Italy’s coach Lippi and his French counterpart Domenech announced that they would be stepping down before the tournament had even started, while Mexico’s coach Aguirre has stepped down after his side were knocked out of the second round by Argentina. I wonder how England fans would feel about their coach Capello if he were to step down? To step down.

    Click here for more football cliches and football phrases.


    Today’s QUIZ QUESTION:

    Germany beat Argentina on penalties in the World Cup quarter-final of 2006. Who missed the deciding penalty for Argentina?

    a. Mascherano
    b. Cambiasso
    c. Sorin
    d. Messi

    Answer in the next newsletter.

    In the last newsletter we asked what was the score in 1966 between North Korea and Portugal and the answer was d. Portugal 5-3 N. Korea

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