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World Cup Listening Report: What Will the World Cup Bring?

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World Cup Listening ReportIt is nearly time for the 2014 World Cup to kick off in Sao Paulo Brazil. Damian is on his way (the last I heard he was stuck in Sao Paulo airport on his way to Recife) and it’s about time we made a few predictions on how the tournament will turn out.  We may be wildly wrong, we may be on the whole right, but what we can predict is that we will be loving the feast of football to come.

World Cup Listening Report: What Will the World Cup Bring?

Who is your adopted team and why?

Damian: Well I am just about to leave Hong Kong for Brazil – over 30 hours travel time but i think it might be worth it.

Although I am a little disappointed that my country Ireland are not going to be there – they are simply not good enough – I am still really excited about this tournament. So who am I going to support? Well, of course I have a soft spot for England – I was born in London – and I hope that they do well but I also have tickets for the three Ivory Coast first round games so I really hope that they do well too. I used to live in Spain and Japan for long periods of time so I’d like to see them progress as well.

Damon: It’s a shame Ireland couldn’t make it this time, Damian. As for me, well, coming from Chester in the north west of England I of course support the English team and living in Japan means I’ll keep my eye on Japan, too. But apart from those two, it would be nice to see a team like Bosnia-Herzegovena do well at their first tournament, or a team like Chile with their crazy attacking style.

What will the surprise of the tournament be?

Damian: I think the surprise of the tournament will be the fall of a giant rather than a team coming from nowhere. Remember 4 years ago when neither Italy nor France – both of whom were tipped to do well – managed to qualify from their groups. This time round I think Italy may struggle again while – and this is a long shot – Germany may not be as strong as people make out.

Damon: There’s always a giant that goes out, and unlike you Damian, I reckon Spain may be the ones that are going home early – they may even struggle to get out of the group.

Which teams will be the 4 semi finalists?

Damian: The four semi-finalists – Brazil, Argentina, England and Spain

Damon: I’m nearly going to agree with you – Brazil, Argentina, yes, but joining them will be Holland and France

Who will be the Winner?

Damian: Spain will win again. They are well organised, know how to win and I think they have one more win in them.  It would be a remarkable feat but I think they just might do it.

Damon: Brazil will win after defeating Argentina in the final. This will spark a huge wave of optimism and even the Brazilian authorities will change their ways and invest in their people after the criticism of all the money spent on the World Cup.


Damian: It is going to be a great world cup – Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Suarez, Aguero,  all playing in Brazil the real soul of football. We have not had a standout tournament since maybe 1986 in Mexico but I think this one could be seen as one of the best ever. I hope so!

Damon: I agree that this will be one of the great World Cups and I’m hoping for a hatful of goals. I think however that it will be a tournament for the traditional centres of football Europe and South America. teams from these two continents will make up all of the last 16!



a soft spot: when you like something, you have a soft spot for it

a team coming from nowhere: a team that surprises a lot of people

tipped to do well: people thought they would succeed; the pundits’ choice

a long shot: not a realistic prediction; something that probably won’t happen

reckon: think, guess

spark: start

a hatful of goals: a lot of goals


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