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football languageWelcome to the 2022 World Cup Predictions Competition. Play against Damon, Damian and lots of other football-language fans around the world in Languagecaster’s 2022 World Cup predictions battle. Simply register or log in (for free) below and then add your scores – good luck! If you have any questions then you can contact us at

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Scoring System
  • Three points for a perfect score. For example, if you think hosts Qatar will beat Ecuador 2-0 in the opening game and this is the exact final score then you receive three points.
  • One point for the right result. For example, if the game between England and Wales finishes 1-1 and you chose a different score but the right result (e.g. 0-0; 2-2 or 3-3) then you will receive 1 point.
  • For knock-out games the scores are up to 90 minutes – not extra time.
Top 10 Ranking
1. Adey 43
2. chubster 40
3. Brooking's Boys 36
4. fitzpab 36
5. luckyP 35
6. Cairns 35
7. Neilus 34
8. Nick 34
9. HP Sauce 31
10. Mightytoft 30
  • 1st place: £30 book vouchers
  • 2nd place: £20 book vouchers
  • 3rd place: £10 book vouchers
More Information
    • You can see other players’ predictions by clicking on their name in the ranking list (when logged in)
    • You can also see other players’ predictions when you click on the ‘pie chart’ icon


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