Women’s World Cup: The Final


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So, the final two teams are left standing after what has been an enormously successful Women’s World Cup. The USA, pre-tournament favourites (along with Germany) and FIFA ranked No.1 in the world will take on Japan, the surprise package of the competition.

Although ranked fourth in the world before the Women’s World Cup got under way, the Japanese have stunned Germany and Sweden in the knockout stages to claim their berth in the final. They beat the Champions, Germany, after a gruelling match that was won in extra time with a clinical finish from Karina Maruyama. They then brushed aside Sweden 3-1 with a come from behind victory. The side has shown great spirit to pick themselves up after a 2-0 group stage defeat to England.

The US also had a tough path to the final, meeting Brazil in the quarters and scoring an injury time equaliser to take the game to penalties, which they won 5-3. That gave them the momentum they needed for the semi final against France, who had also booked their place in the semis with a penalty shoot out victory, this time against England – perennial losers at penalties (at least in the man’s game). Like Japan vs Sweden this game too was a 3-1 win – for the States.

it should be a great final on the 17th of July in Frankfurt!

So, before the final here is the tale of the tape:

FIFA ranking: USA 1 – Japan 4

FIFA World Cup record: USA, twice winners – Japan, first time in the finals

Record this tournament: USA  won 4, lost 1 – Japan, won 4, lost 1

Goals for and against: USA for 11 against 5 – Japan for 10 against 4


The head USA, the heart Japan



take on: play, meet

the surprise package: a team that has done better than expected

stunned: surprised, shocked

berth: place

gruelling: tough, physically difficult, demanding

brushed aside: beat easily, swept aside

pick themselves up: recover, come back after a defeat

perennial: continually, always happening

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