Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 9 – Canada vs Cameroon

Women's World Cup 2019: Day 9Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 9 – Netherlands vs Cameroon: Two more teams, the Netherlands and Canada, join the last 16. The Netherlands versus Cameroon game was end-to-end stuff, with the Netherlands running out 3-1 winners, but Cameroon gave them a scare. If the African side had been a bit more clinical, they could have got something out of this game. They passed up several chances and with the Netherlands leading 2-1, Ajara Nchout  shot wide when she could have brought the teams level.

In the Canada – New Zealand game, the Canadians struggled to break down the New Zealand defence, but finally did so with a nice cut back from Prince, who drove into the area towards the goal line, allowing Fleming to slot home past Erin Nayler. Prince put the icing on the cake with a 79th second, stabbing home after the ball came back off the crossbar.

In the languagecaster predictions competition, the home side, Learn English Through Football and Nina are still top on 28 points, but the chasing pack behind them is growing. If you have questions or comments you can email us at: admin@languagecaster.com.

2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Stab Home

In both games yesterday goals were scored from within the six-yard box, and hit quickly with no time to think, they were stabbed home. ‘Home’ is often used to refer to the goal and is combined with other phrases to mean score, so you might hear ‘sweep home,’ ‘smash home,’ ‘steer home,’ and so on. To stab in football means to kick quickly, usually with your toe of front part of the foot. Here is an example from the Canada vs New Zealand game from ESPN: “Prince grabbed the second goal 11 minutes from time, stabbing home from close range after Christine Sinclair’s header struck the post.”

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2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

In the languagecaster predictions competition, the two leaders still maintain a three point lead over the chasing pack – Learn English Through Football and Nina have 28 points. Three are on 25, jon, who has been steadily rising up the table and had a good round with four points in yesterday’s two games, jlacey, and Paul, and Aki is on 24.

On day 10 there are two games, and like yesterday’s Group E games, these Group F games can see two, The USA and Sweden guarantee a last-16 place. The other two, Thailand and Chile, need a win to really have a chance of progressing. First up is Sweden against Thailand in Nice, followed by USA taking on Chile in Paris.

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Current Ranking – Day 9                  

1. zicanda 10
2. HP Sauce 9
3. Learn English through Football 8
4. Tokyo Red 6
5. Liliy 3
6. Mightytoft 3
7. Fugesi 1
8. Sue 1
9. niall 0

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