Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 8 – England vs Argentina

Women's World Cup 2019: Day 8Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 8 – England vs Argentina: Three games and three penalties. Day 8 produced three cracking games, and each one featured a spot kick. England peppered the Argentinian goal in their Group D match and were awarded a penalty, which was brilliantly saved by Lorena Benítez. The Lionesses finally broke the deadlock with a Taylor tap in, and the 1-0 win means they England are guaranteed a last 16 place.

In Group C, an electric display saw Italy put Jamaica to the sword. They scored five goals in a dynamic Italian side. Girelli bagged a hat-trick, which started with a penalty. This was taken twice after it was deemed that Sydney Schneider had moved off her line before the spot kick was taken – she saved, but the retake was converted and the Italians were on their way to a convincing win. In the other game in Group D, Scotland’s hearts were broken by Japan, who beat the Scots 2-1. The Scottish could feel a little aggrieved after Japan were awarded a soft penalty for their second, decisive goal, but the win reflected the run of play.

In the languagecaster predictions competition, the home side, Learn English Through Football, and Nina are still top on 24 points. More on that later in this post. If you have questions or comments you can email us at: admin@languagecaster.com.

2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Soft penalty

Awarding a penalty or showing a red card are probably the two biggest moments that can happen in a football game. They can really hand one team an advantage. A soft penalty is one that is awarded by the referee but most people watching believe that there was not enough contact or reason to give the penalty.

In the Japan versus Scotland game the Scottish defender, Rachel Corsie, placed her hand on Yuika Sugasawa’s shoulder, but only very lightly, but the Japanese player went down and won a spot kick. The forward definitely made the most of the contact, but she would argue the defender shouldn’t have touched her in the first place. It did look a soft penalty, though. Here’s an example sentence from a Guardian minute-by-minute report on the game: “Corsie was also booked for impeding Sugasawa. That looked pretty soft in real time – but Corsie did put an arm on her opponent’s shoulder, almost inviting her to take a tumble.”

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2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

In the languagecaster predictions competition, home side, Learn English Through Football, and Nina are still top on 26 points, and they are followed by two on 23 points, Paul and jlacey. jlacey picked up five points in the last round with all winners correctly guessed, and the Japan vs Scotland game a perfect score too.

On day 9 there are two games, both from Group E – The Netherlands vs Cameroon and Canada v New Zealand. New Zealand and Cameroon need a win, or at least a result, to be in with a shout of the last 16 places. Canada and The Netherlands can book their place into the knockout stage with a win.

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Current Ranking – Day 8                  

1. zicanda 10
2. HP Sauce 9
3. Learn English through Football 8
4. Tokyo Red 6
5. Liliy 3
6. Mightytoft 3
7. Fugesi 1
8. Sue 1
9. niall 0

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