Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 12 – Italy vs Brazil

Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 12 –Italy vs Brazil: It was Group C’s turn to play the final matches and on the line were places in the last 16 and we look at some of the language from the…

Women's World Cup 2019: Day 12Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 12 –Italy vs Brazil: It was Group C’s turn to play the final matches and on the line were places in the last 16. Italy versus Brazil saw the famous blue and yellow kits on the pitch, bringing back memories of the classic men’s clash in the World cup final in 1982. Like then, a draw for Brazil would have been enough to take them through to the next round. However, the Brazil women’s team went one better by beating Italy 1-0 thanks to a Marta penalty. The 1982 classic saw Italy win the game 3-2. Revenge of sorts for Brazil.

In the other game, Australia secured their berth in the next round with a 4-1 win over Jamaica. It was closer than the scoreline suggests with the score being 2-1 to Australia early in the second half, after a brace of textbook headers by Kerr for the team from Oceania. It took Australia until the 69th minute to seal the win, as Kerr was again on hand to slot home from close range for a hat-trick. The result was then a formality. The icing on the cake came after a howler from McClure in goal, as she gifted Kerr an incredible fourth!

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2019 Women’s World Cup Language: To Gift

As we have mentioned, in the Australia versus Jamaica game there was a big goalkeeping error, which allowed Australia to score. An error by a goalkeeper can be called a howler, if it is a big mistake, but we can also say that the keeper gifted a goal to the opposition player. McClure, Jamaica’s goalkeeper missed the ball when trying to pass and that meant that Kerr could just tap the ball in to an empty net. It is very unusual to see this kind of massive error, so it is always noteworthy. Here’s an example sentence from the New Zealand press: “Jamaican goalkeeper Nicole McClure looks crestfallen after her error gifted Sam Kerr her fourth goal.”

2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

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