Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 11 – Spain vs China

Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 11 – Spain vs China: The final group games in Groups A and D took place yesterday and a hard fought draw booked a place in the last 16 for China and Spain.

Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 11 – Spain vs ChinaWomen’s World Cup 2019: Day 11 – Spain vs China: The final group games in Groups A and D took place yesterday and a hard-fought draw booked a place in the last 16 for China and Spain. Spain dominated the game, but had to rely mostly on long range efforts. Peng Shimeng, in goal, kept the Chinese in the game getting down sharply on a number of occasions to thwart the Spanish. In the other Group B game Germany comfortably defeated Such Africa 4-0, who leave the competition without a point.

Group A saw a France wrap up the group stage with three wins out of three. They needed a VAR-assisted penalty, however, to get past Nigeria 1-0. The referee first consulted VAR to award the penalty and then, when Renard  missed the spot kick, VAR was checked again and the penalty retaken as the Nigerian goalie, Nnadozie, was adjudged to have moved off the goal line early. A massive movement as a point would have secured a last 16 spot for Nigeria. Korea, like South Africa leave the competition with no points as they lost to Norway, who finished the Group in second place and Nigeria have to hope other result go their way and they can secure a best-three finish.

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2019 Women’s World Cup Language: Get Down Sharply

This phrase is connected with the art of goalkeeping and is a three-word combination. The first two words, get down, make a phrase verb meaning, in football, to dive down or drop your body down to the ground. Sharply is an adverb meaning very quickly, and it suggests good reactions. In the Spain versus China game, the Chinese keeper made a number of saves by getting down sharply to turn the ball around the post. You may also hear the adjective sharp, as in, make a sharp save. Here is an example from the match in an MSN.com match report: Peng Shimeng was almost caught out on that occasion, but the China goalkeeper made amends with a sharp low save from Jennifer Hermoso’s downward header before the break. 

2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

In the languagecaster predictions competition Learn English Through Football has opened up a two point lead over second-place Nina with Paul and jlacey a further point back. The leader was one of nine players to correctly predict the USA beating Chile 3-0 although no one managed to guess the exact score of the Swedish 5-1 win over Thailand. It’s all to play for as the final group matches start tomorrow. Groups A and B both feature tomorrow with hosts France facing Nigeria and South Korea taking on Norway in Group A and then in Group B China and Spain will fight it out to qualify directly behind leaders Germany who should have an easy task against South Africa.

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Current Ranking – Day 11                  

1. zicanda 10
2. HP Sauce 9
3. Learn English through Football 8
4. Tokyo Red 6
5. Liliy 3
6. Mightytoft 3
7. Fugesi 1
8. Sue 1
9. niall 0

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