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Women’s World Cup 2019: Day 1 – Knockouts: Norway vs Australia

Women's World Cup 2019: Day 1 - KnockoutsWomen’s World Cup 2019: Day 1 – Knockouts: Norway vs Australia The knockout stage began last night with two European sides through to the quarters. We look at some of the language that emerged yesterday including the phrase to lift the ball. If you have questions or comments about any of the football language from today’s post then you can email us at:

2019 Day 1 Last-16 Match Reviews

One match was fairly straightforward while the other was a nail-biter. Germany were comfortable against Nigeria 3-0. Remarkably, the Germans haven’t conceded, with their goal aggregate reading 9-0. Goals from Popp, Dabritz and Shuller powered the Europeans past Nigeria. The African’s had a glimmer of hope when it was still 2-0 as Ajibade fired a low cross behind the defence. Unfortunately it was just out of reach of the sliding Oparanozie at the back post.

The Norway versus Australia knockout match was a great advert for the game, although, maybe not for clinical finishing. Both sides racked up 36 shots and Norway rattled the woodwork twice in extra time, but each side only managed one goal. Throw in a straight red for Australia’s centre back Kennedy for a tackle deemed to have stopped a goal scoring opportunity, an overturned penalty decision, an Australian equaliser direct from a corner, and this game had it all. Oh yes, and it went to a penalty shoot out after both sides drew a blank in extra time.

2019 Women’s World Cup Language: (to) Lift a shot

Norway’s opener in their last 16 clash against Australia wasn’t spectacular, but it was a textbook finish by Isabell Herlovsen. She was put through by a glorious ball by Karina Saevik, which but the striker in behind the defence. She still had a lot to do, but calmly lifted the ball over the keeper’s dive and into the corner. To lift the ball or shot means to put some height on the cross or shot. It shows calmness and skill. Where others may blast the ball hard, if a player lifts the ball, they are directing it accurately. That is certainly what Herlovsen did when she put her side 1-0 up by lifting her shot over Williams and into the net

2019 Women’s World Cup Predictions

It’s still jlacey on top with 47 points, but Aki is just behind on 44 – both got perfect scores for Germany versus Nigeria but nothing for the 90 minute draw in Norway’s game against Australia. Paul is on 42, and the home side, Learn English Through Football is still there on 41.

The next two matches are England versus Cameroon and France against Brazil

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Next Matches

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1. Fugesi 51
2. Learn English through Football 48
3. fitzpab 42
4. HP Sauce 36
5. grell 35
6. zicanda 30
7. niall 24
8. Cairns 24
9. Mightytoft 18
10. Splinno 13
11. ShunSena 6
12. Martin C 4
13. Aleksy 1
14. Aaronencon 0
15. AATF 0
16. Abdel 0
17. Abed 0
18. Abell Arora 0
19. Academicals 0
20. acaloco 0
21. acmilanfan 0
22. adamben 0
23. adams20 0
24. Addy Cripson 0
25. Adey 0

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