Winners, Dark Horses, Golden Boots and Flops

In World Cup Podcast 1 Damon and Damian predict who they think will be the winners, the dark horses, the flops and the Golden Boot winner. You can see their answers in the table below. How about you, what do you think is going to happen during this summer’s World Cup? Post a comment below with your choices and we’ll add you to the table.

[table id=6 /]

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  • Japan may have missed a golden opportunity to make the final eight, but if I was Japanese I’d be holding my head high.

    Unfortunately, being English, I just want to bury my head in the sand.

  • You’re right. I think they had the pace and skill to cause damage to Paraguay if they had tried. I don’t think they’ll get a better chance of going through to the quarter finals for a LONG time.

  • What happened to japan tonight against Paraguay? This was their one big chance to make the quarter-finals of the World Cup and they bottled it against a side that had no pace and little skill. I think Japan – and Okada – may regret the way they played.

  • I was blown away by the sport news that France was early exit from the World addition,the first team of France was thrown into confusion.
    players appeared to be on bad terms with the coach of they couldn’t advance to the final .maybe It’s not just me who thinks that.The same could be said of England.there is no win yet.right now , English people is hopping mad.i can understand person who is outraged.i think at this rate, both team’ll probably be demoted.In contrast,i think Japan is doing well this season.because it made a miracle win when play with
    Cameroons.anyway i glad to, i’ll talk about vs Netherlands.It was very frustrating .because we lost!! we lost to Netherlands elementary by one point .Just one point.
    i have knew that The Netherlands defeated Japan 3-0 in a friendly home match in September of last year.I realized Japan is much better team now.So far,Nothing I didn’t anticipate.I ‘m looking forward to watching game with Denmark.

  • I think Argentina will win this World Cup.I’m also looking forward to watching next Japan vs Denmark game . I hope to win Japan!!! I will cheer real time!!