Weekly Football Phrase: Be Fit

fitToday’s football phrase is ‘Be Fit’.

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(to) Be Fit

This week’s football language phrase is simple but very important; it is ‘to be fit‘. If a player is fit, they are able to play, they are healthy, in good condition, and they have no injuries. This means they can play in the game. Of course, being fit is very important for the team, especially if you are one of the star players. Injured players are said to face a ‘fitness battle‘ – they have a short time to become able to play. For this phrase, the noun fitness is used. A player who has been injured for a time but who could play is reported as ‘being fit for selection‘. This means the player is likely to be chosen for the starting eleven on match day.

  • Example: ‘Daniel Sturridge has claimed he is “fit and ready to go”’ for the game against Manchester City (News story)
  • Example: Sergio Ramos is facing a fitness battle before the game against Barcelona this weekend.
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