Football Phrases: 2006-07

2006-07 Football Phrases

Each week Damon and Damian explain a football phrase on the weekly languagecaster podcast. Below is a list of these English for Football expressions from the 2006-07 season in order of when they appeared on the show. Click on the audio link to hear them, while there is also a pdf of the transcript and a link to the podcast in which it appeared. If you have questions or comments about this or any other phrase then email us at:

Week 29: Merry-go-round

Week 28: It’s a lottery

Week 27: Give a masterclass

Week 26: Go down to the wire

Week 25: Provide the spark

Week 24: Promotion race

Week 23: Take centre stage

Week 22: Battling for survival

Week 21: Brought down to Earth

Week 20: Last-gasp goal

Week 19: One-way traffic

Week 18: A game of two halves

Week 17: Grudge match

Week 16: To earn a recall

Week 15: International cap

Week 14: Bogey team

Week 13: To be booked

Week 12: To take the game by the scruff of the neck

Week 11: To be linked with

Week 10: Underdog/Giant killing

Week 9: Relegation zone

Week 8: Two-horse race

Week 7: To be sacked/fired

Week 6: Bouncebackability

Week 5: Prima Donna

Week 4: Takeover

Week 3: Dark horse

Week 2: Winning streak

Week 1: Predictions

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