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Weekly Football Phrase: There For the Taking

There for the takingIn this week’s football phrase we explain the football phrase there for the taking.

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There for the taking

The phrase there for the taking describes a weak team that can easily be beaten. The team is ‘there‘ on the pitch ‘for the taking‘ – to be beaten. In football and in this phrase, to take something is to control a team easily, to dominate the opposing side, so for the taking means to be easily controlled or dominated. There for the taking

  • Example: Championship side Reading haven’t won in three games and are low on confidence. They appear to be there for the taking. (The Guardian)
  • Example: “Liverpool are there for the taking. I watch Liverpool every game. The lack of confidence within the side, the work ethic, there is a lot of work to do to get them back on track.” (Blog post)
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