Their Name is on the CupEach week the languagecaster team will explain a football phrase or cliche for learners of English who love the sport. On this week’s show we take a look at the clicheTheir name is on the Cup‘. Click on the link below to learn about the word or phrase, while you can also read the transcript. You can also find many more examples by going to our football cliches here and our huge football glossary here.

Listen here: Name on Cup.mp3

This week’s football phrase is ‘their name is on the cup, which means that one team appears to be destined to win a trophy. Traditionally when a club wins a cup or trophy its name is engraved or written onto the cup, so when we say that a team’s name is on the cup we mean that it looks like the name has already been written on the trophy, that the team is destined to win. This year’s Champions League final takes place in Munich in Germany meaning that fans of Bayern Munich feel that this could be their year, that their name is on the trophy. However, since Chelsea replaced Villas-Boas with Di Matteo as their manager many of their fans have also felt that their name is on the cup, they think it is their destiny to win the Champions League this season. Their name is on the Cup.

Example: BBC Headline: Bayern Munich hoping their name is on the cup

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