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Weekly Football Phrase: Take the lead

For this week’s English for football phrase we explain the term, ‘to take the lead‘.Spine

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(to) Take the lead

This week’s English for football expression is the verbal phrase ‘to take the lead‘ and this verbal phrase means that one team has scored a goal and is now beating the other team. When a team has taken the lead they try to hold on to their lead and prevent their opponents from equalising; of course, they may also try to increase their lead by scoring another goal. Now, another way of saying this expression is that a team is one-up, i.e. they are leading one nil: they have taken the lead.

  • Example: The home side took the lead after some great attacking football but were unable to hold on to it as their opponents equalised in the second half.
  • Example: Manchester United took the lead in the 93rd minute of the 1999 Champions League final.)

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