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Weekly Football Phrase: See out the game

(to) See out the game

see out the gameFor this week’s English for football phrase, we have ‘to see out the game’.

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This week’s English for football phrase is ‘to see out the game‘, which means that a team can protect its lead and win the game. The phrase means the team in the lead is able to control the game, not panic and reach the final whistle with a victory. Sometimes we use the phrase ‘to manage the game well’, that is, the winning team, despite coming under pressure, still wins the game – they are careful and are able to see out the game.

  • Example: The Foxes (Leicester City) comfortably saw out the remaining quarter of an hour to move level on points with league leaders Manchester City. Read more at:
  • Example: The experience of the side enabled them to see out the game 3-2.

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  • Hello,
    just would like to ask you whether there is a phrase in English describing an situation when one team is (for example) one goal ahead and their tactics to hold the lead and win is to interrupt the play/game as many times as possible in order to throw the opposite team off balance/to prevent them from continuous play. That can be done by tactical fouls, diving-simulation, timewasting… .
    thank you very much,

    • Hello Ivan,
      Thanks for the question – I think we might use the phrase ‘game management‘ which has a positive or professional feeling to it. There is a suggestion that diving, time wasting and so on need to be done in order to see out the game. Do you know of any other words to describe this in other languages?

    • Hi Damian,
      thank you very much for your answer. Acccording to your explanation what can be understood by the term “game management“ in this context, I think this might be the term I am looking for. Unfortunately, I do not know the terms for that in other languages except Slovak, where they use term “kúskovať hru“ which means something like traying to make the game divided into parts in order to prevent the opposite team from continuous play, from constant pressure. If I put the term “kúskovať“ into dictionary, it says: to punctuate st, to keep interrupting something.
      Many thanks, best, Ivan

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