Weekly Football Phrase: (to) Peg Back

A team is losing. They score a goal and get level with their opponents. How do you describe this situation? This week’s English for football explains the verb ‘to peg back‘.

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Peg back

When a team comes back from a losing position to draw level, they peg back their opponents. For example, a team may be losing 1-0, but then they score to make it 1-1: they peg back their opponents. The object can come after the phrase, ‘They pegged back A.C. Milan‘, or in the middle, ‘They pegged A.C. Milan back. You might also hear the phrase to claw back, as in, ‘They clawed themselves back into the game. Peg back

  • Example: The underdogs were pegged back by United after that had taken a shock lead.
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