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Weekly Football Phrase: Head-butt

Weekly Football PhraseLanguagecaster’s weekly football phrase is the phrase ‘head-butt’. You can find out more about this football phrase by reading the transcript below and listening to the audio file. You can also find many more examples of soccer vocabulary by going to our football cliches page here and our huge football glossary here. This post also features in our podcast show, along with a main report and our weekly predictions.
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Weekly Football Phrase – head butt

This week we are looking at the word ‘head-butt‘ which is not really a football phrase but it has been in the football news this week after Newcastle United’s manager Alan Pardew head-butted one of the opposing team’s players. A head-butt is a violent act when one person uses his head – usually the forehead – to hit another person. In football this kind of violent behaviour is not allowed and if a player head-butts another player then he will be shown a red card. Pardew was indeed sent to the stands and was then fined a large amount of money by his club. He will also probably face a lengthy ban due to this moment of madness when he head-butted a player. Head-butt.

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  • A memorable head butt was that who was starred by Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi in the final of World Cup 2006.

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