Weekly Football Phrase: Stroke in

(to) Stroke in

Stroke inWhat is the meaning of the phrase ‘to stroke in’ in football?

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(to) Stroke in

This verb phrase describes scoring a goal – ‘in‘ means in the net, in the goal, and ‘to stroke’ means to kick the ball. So, to stroke in means to shoot and score. We use stroke to describe a shot that is controlled and directed. It isn’t very powerful, but it isn’t weak either – the emphasis is on the control and direction. The shot is usually along the ground. We can also say to stroke home; in this case ‘home‘ replaces ‘in‘ to describe the area over the goal line and in the net. To stroke in.

  • Example:Kane then stroked in the second from the spot after Alli, who came off with an illness at half-time, was fouled in trying to follow up Kane’s saved shot. (BBC Report)
  • Example: The third came on the hour when Lichtsteiner and Paul Pogba combined to set up the chance and Alex Sandro stroked home left-footed. (ESPN Report)
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