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A good move by the Dutch football coach after an ugly episode involving one of his key players, and while things seem to go from bad to worse for Liverpool, at least they behave in a dignified manner unlike the leader of Bolivia.


We start with ugly this week and a really nasty tackle by Dutch midfielder Nigel de Jong on Newcastle and French star Ben Arfa. The Manchester City midfielder did not even receive a yellow card after his tackle but after media outrage here in the UK, it seems that the player may receive a three-match ban for violent conduct. As for Ben Arfa, he has a double fracture and looks set to miss the whole season.


It’s not often that a manager will do something to weaken his side just to prove a point or to take a moral stand but that is exactly what Dutch national coach, Bert Van Marwijk did when he told the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper in Holland that the tackle on Newcastle player Ben Arfur by Nigel De Jong was ‘wild and unnecessary’. Van Marwijk dropped the combative Manchester City midfielder telling him that he needlessly pushes the limits. A brave decision by the coach but one to be applauded.


I suppose respect and politicians are two words that do not often go together but the actions of Bolivian leader Eva Morales in a recent friendly game were at best disrespectful and at worse downright nasty. Complaining that he had previously been fouled he then kneed the opponent – a political rival – in the groin. Reaction around the world has been a mixture of laughter to outrage. Not the best way to represent your country.


violent conduct: Dangerous behaviour on the football pitch

double fracture: The French player broke his fibia and tibia in his leg – two breaks

kneed: To use your knee to attack someone

in the groin: A tender place between the legs

outrage: Strong feeling of disgust or disappointment

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