Week 38: Barcelona and Real Madrid (with question)

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A look at the rivalry between these two giants of Spanish football. The two teams have met 157 times with Real Madrid coming out top 68 times to Barca’s 59.

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The latest football news – The good, the bad and the ugly

Boring Champions League semis, the race for La Liga title, injuries, football and influenza, and a the chop for a manager in the Bundesliga all feature on this week’s good, the bad and the ugly section of languagecaster’s football podcast. Click on the link above to read more about the stories from last week.


Weekly football phrase (audio and text) – English for Football

To Park the Bus

This week’s English for football is ‘park the bus‘. Many people say that this phrase was first said by Jose Mourinho when he was Chelsea’s manager. He was describing a negative Tottenham team who played very defensively in a meeting between the two London clubs some years ago. To park the bus, means to play very defensively, to get a lot of players behind the ball, to have no attacking play. Imagine a bus parked in front of the goal. It is almost impossible to score, so people use ‘to park the bus‘ to mean one team was very negative, boring and defensive. This week’s Champions League semi finals were not very exciting and Barcelona have accused Chelsea of playing very negatively, of ‘parking the bus‘ in front of goal.


And finally…


Which of the following players has NOT played for both Barcelona and real Madrid?

a. Ronaldo

b. Raul Gonzalez

c. Luis Figo

d. Samuel Eto’o

Answer next week.

(The answer to last week’s question which South American club team that has been in more than one Copa Libertadores final has won all of them was c. Independiente.)


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