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Week 26: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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News from a top-of-the-table clash in the Premier League, the Africa Cup of Nations, an old footballing rivalry that has flared into life again over recent years, plus a shocking decision from one of the World’s footballing confederations. Vocabulary support can be found for the words in bold at the foot of the post.

The Good


Congratulations to Egypt who won their third Africa Cup of Nations in a row – the first country to ever achieve this feat and which means that they get to keep the trophy. The Pharoahs have not lost in 19 Africa Cup of Nations matches which is a record, they won all 6 of their matches in Angola this time round including a fantastic victory over the Ivory Coast, scored more goals than anyone else, beat their fierce rivals Algeria in the semi-finals and had the tournament’s leading scorer in Gedo. I wonder would they have swapped it all for a place in the World Cup this summer?

100201rooney--126501737780792400Good again for Manchester United who steamrollered Arsenal in the ‘Super Sunday’ fixture last weekend in the English Premier League. It was far from ‘super’ for Arsenal, but the Reds will be enjoying their visit to London and the vital three points they took back to the North West of England, particularly as Chelsea could only manage a draw at Hull, leaving last year’s Champions, United, only two points behind. Nani seems to be fulfilling his potential, Rooney continues his fantastic scoring run, netting again in the 3-1 win (see the goals here) to mark his 100th Premier League goal. Smiles all round at Old Trafford and I wouldn’t like to be a Portsmouth fan this weekend as their club, rooted at the bottom of the division, visit United who look in scorching form with 16 goals in their last 5 matches.

The Bad

2812b3eaba970217076c8357c6d5b09eI suppose this is bad, but it’s also great entertainment. The East Midlands derby between Derby County, 18th in the second tier of English football, and Nottingham Forest, the form team coming into the game, and 2nd in the league , again proved to be a spite-filled affair. The last game between these clubs, ended in both teams being fined for trouble which flared after Nathan Tyson, who scored Forest’s winner that day, waved a corner flag in front of the Derby fans, sparking a confrontation between players and coaches. This game also ended in chaos, after Derby’s Jay McEveley refused to hand the ball back for a Forest throw in, trying to run down the clock – Derby were leading 1-0 with minutes to go. Players, coaching staff and managers were then involved in a bit of argy-bargy – and Billy Davies, Nottingham Forest’s coach has accused Derby’s manager, Nigel Clough of kneeing him in the back during pushing and shoving. Both clubs have been charged by the FA and it looks as though this English derby is going to get more bitter with each game.


It has been a bad week for England and Chelsea captain John Terry who, after the allegations about his personal life were revealed in the UK press at the weekend, has become a victim of the boo boys at any away ground he plays at. How strange it must be for foreign football fans to see the captain of the national side being taunted and jeered whenever he plays. Then again, it must seem pretty weird to see the obsession that the tabloid press have with stories such as these – it’s not as if there has been a dearth of newsworthy stories in the country this week.

The Ugly

Adebayor angry at ban

The Confederation of African Football, CAF, has banned Togo from the next two Africa Cup of Nations tournaments. Remember, the Togolese bus came under attack from separatists in the Kabinda region of Angola during this year’s competition killing three and injuring several others. The team pulled out of the competition – and that’s where it should have ended – a tragic event that shocked the football world. But no, now they are banned from taking part in the continent’s premier event by CAF. Crazy, insensitive and unjustified.


achieve this feat: To accomplish something important (To win the competition three times in a row)

The Pharoahs: The nickname of the Egyptian football team

to steamroller: to crush, to beat, to hammer, to thrash

vital: very important, crucial, necessary for life

to fulfill potential: to perform to your level, to do what you are capable of, to live up to expectations

to net: to score

form team: a team with a good recent record of wins, a team on a roll

(trouble) flare: start, break out

to spark a confrontation: to start a argument/fight/stand off

argy-bargy (sometimes argey-bargey): a fight (mainly pushing and shoving), a physical confrontation, an ugly dispute

a dearth of To be lacking in something, not having enough of something

to ban: to not allow something, to prevent from playing

to pull out (of): to quit, to leave a competition

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