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Week 25: Vocabulary


Learn some of the words and phrases from languagecaster’s Good, Bad and Ugly section of the podcast. For more English practice check out our worksheets, football glossary and English for football phrases.

  • Keep a clean sheet: stop another team scoring, not allowing any goals

Example: Manchester United keep a clean sheet for a record eleventh time in a row.

  • Irresistible: unstoppable, forceful, something you cannot resist

Example: Manchester United maintain their irresistible form in 2009.

  • To shut out: to keep a clean sheet, to deny, to stop

Example: van der Sar who could claim another record this week: if he shuts out Everton for 72 minutes, he will set a new British record for the length of time without conceding a goal.

  • Trademark: characteristics, typical quality, special feature

Example: David Beckham scores with a trademark free kick in AC Milan’s draw with Genoa.

  • To find the net: score, get a goal

Example: he veteran England midfielder who has now found the net twice in three competitive games.

  • To break into: to enter by force, to use force to go into a house or building

Example: Newells Old Boys. The team from Rosario, who finished fifth in the Apertura season, had their offices broken into by an armed gang.

  • To settle down: to calm down, to be relaxed

Example: Let’s hope things have settled down before the Clausura season kicks off on February the eighth.

  • To award: to give

Example: Officials awarded a goal when the ball ended up in the net after a header by a Botafogo player.

  • To clash (with): to fight, battle with, come to blows

Example: Violence returns to the football grounds of England as Millwal fans clashed with Hull city supporters in an FA Cup game last week.

  • To stamp out: to stop, to eradicate, to get rid of

Example: Ugly indeed and let’s hope the FA acts to stamp out this behaviour.


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