Week 16: Vocabulary

Here are some words and phrases you can hear on this week’s languagecaster’s Good, Bad and Ugly section of the podcast – a review of the footballing news. For more English practice check out our worksheets, football glossary and English for football phrases.

  • MLS: Major League Soccer – the domestic league of the USA

Example: Columbus Crew won their first ever MLS title last weekend.

  • Double: To win the league and the cup.

Example: Dublin side Bohemians won the Irish double by beating Derry City in last week’s FAI Cup Final.

  • FAI: Football Association of Ireland – the domestic organisation of Ireland.

Example: Bohemians won the FAI cup last weekend on penalties.

  • Fall out: Controversy, a continuation of the problem.

Example: The fall out over Sheffield United’s Chris Morgan’s elbow on Barnsley’s Iain Hume continues.

  • To sue: To take someone to court

Example: Iain Hume is threatening to sue Chris Morgan for the elbow in last week’s game.

  • Fractured: Cracked, almost broken

Example: The Sheffield United defender fractured the Canadian international’s skull with an elbow last weekend.

  • A clash: A fairly aggressive challenge (or attack)

Example: Hume complained to the referee that he needed protection following a series of earlier clashes.

  • Stabbed: Attacked with a knife

Example: A young Colon supporter was stabbed to death in Argentina last week.

  • In-fighting: Fighting that takes place between groups on the same side.

Example: It appears that Daniel Lopez was a victim of in-fighting among the Colon fans

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