Vocabulary: Week 6

Here are some words and phrases you can hear on languagecaster’s Full Podcast’s Good, Bad and Ugly section – a review of the footballing news. For more English practice check out our worksheets, football glossary and English for football phrases as well as the Learners’ Podcast.

  • bury: put in a hole in the ground, especially a dead body

Example: Liverpool have finally buried their seven year hoodoo against their North West rivals Manchester United.

  • hoodoo: bad luck, black magic

Example: Liverpool have finally buried their seven year hoodoo against their North West rivals Manchester United.

  • to clinch: to secure, to get, to make safe

Example: …Babel striking in the second half to clinch all three points.

  • indefatigable: tireless, relentless, non-stop

Example: It was another indefatigable contribution by Dirk Kuyt.

  • Merseyside: An area in North West England. The city of Liverpool is situated here.

Example: Liverpool’s two victories are great news for everyone on Merseyside I’m sure.

  • to turn out to be: become, to be found out after experience

Example: The Romanian team, Kluj, may turn out to be the surprise package of the tournament (Champions League).

  • to rescind: to cancel, to reverse a decision, to repeal

Example: John Terry’s red card is rescinded. A red card that he picked up against Manchester City.

  • cynical: selfish, calculating, showing no respect for the rules

Example: John Terry’s tackle was cynical. It was nothing to do with a professional foul. He rugby tackled the City player, Jo.

  • show no spine: be weak, be soft, not brave

Example The FA haven’t shown any spine by listening to Chelsea’s appeal.

  • on paper: in theory not fact based on experience, to look at

Example: On paper, Tottenham’s squad looks talented, but it seems Tottenham boss, Juande Ramos, is unsure of his best starting eleven.

  • tibia: one of the bones in the lower leg, the other is fibia.

Example: Fagan was left with a fractured tibia, a broken leg.

  • red mist: anger, rage, violence

Example: The red mist descended on Guthrie and he hacked at Fagan twice.


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