Vocabulary – Week 41

Here are some words and phrases you can hear on languagecaster’s Full Podcast’s Good, Bad and Ugly section – a review of the footballing news. For more English practice check out our worksheets and English for football phrases as well as the Learners’ Podcast.

  • crucial – vital, important

Ryan Giggs scored the crucial second goal in Manchester United’s 2-0 win.

  • to tip to go down – to predict a team will be relegated

Damon had tipped Fulham to go down all year.

  • By the skin of their teeth – just about, miraculously, luckily

Fulham escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth yet again.

  • To crush opponents – to beat a team heavily, to thrash a team

Hull crushed their opponents 6-1.

  • sour grapes – to be bitter

The Birmingham Chairman was full of sour grapes after his side’s relegation.

  • To blow a chance – to miss out on an opportunity

Inter blew another chance to win the Scudetto when they drew against Siena.

  • To be hammered – to be thrashed, crushed, beaten heavily

Manchester City were hammered 8-1 by Middlesbrough.

  • To garner – to collect

Derby have garnered so many unwanted records this year.

  • To clash with – to fight against

Rangers fans clashed with police after the UEFA Cup final.

  • To come back from the dead – to make a remarkable comeback.

America came back from the dead against Flamengo in the Copa Libertadores.

  • Away goals – in knock-out competitions a goal scored away from home can count double in the event of a draw.

Atlas have two away goals after drawing at Boca Juniors.

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