Vocabulary – Week 35

Here are some more useful phrases from this week’s podcast. For more English practice try our online quizzes and crosswords, worksheets and English for football phrases.

  • dead ball – a free kick, corner or penalty

David Beckham did not score from a dead ball situation last week but rather from open play.

  • To bounce back – to come back after a defeat

LA Galaxy bounced back with a win after their opening 4-0 loss.

  • Fiery character – a strong temperament, short-tempered

Alex Ferguson and Hugo Sanchez are both fiery characters.

  • To be relegated – to move down a division

Derby have been relegated from the Premier League.

  • Match fixing – when players try to illegally win money on a match by not trying.

There have been allegations of match fixing in the Premier League.

  • Leg – tie, match

The second legs of the quarter finals of the Champions League take place this week.

  • Bottle – courage

Galatasaray will need a lot of bottle to beat Chelsea.

  • Nemesis – a team that another team always loses to

Liverpool are Chelsea’s nemesis in the Champions League.

  • to nick a goal – to steal a goal

If Liverpool nick a goal early on they might win.

  • Mouth watering – to be tempting, to be eagerly awaited

Manchester United versus Barcelona is a mouth watering prospect.

  • To be in with a shout – to have a chance

Fenerbahce are in with a shout of winning.

  • Outfit – team

The Premiership outfit will win 1-0.

  • To have their tails up – to be playing well, to be confident

Villareal have their tails up at the moment.

  • To buckle under the pressure

Villareal will buckle under the pressure against Sevilla.

  • To have points docked – to have points removed for doing something wrong.

Cagliari have had 3 points docked for an earlier transgression.

  • To wobble – to not be playing well

Barcelona are wobbling at the moment.

  • To be elated – to be delighted

Damon was elated after the draw in the Champions League.

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