Vocabulary – Week 32

Here are some of the words and phrases that we used on this week’s show.
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  • Controversial – strong disagreement, not everyone agrees with the decision.

Manchester United were controversially beaten in the FA Cup by Portsmouth.

  • To crush – to beat a team by a big score

Kashima Antlers crushed the Thai challengers in the AFC.

  • To be gutted – to feel really bad about losing

Damian was gutted after Tottenham’s defeat in the UEFA Cup.

  • To be in tatters – to be in a mess, to be destroyed.

Bordeaux, Barcelona and Bremen all lost last weekend leaving their title hopes in tatters.

  • To be in free fall – to not be able to stop losing, continue to lose

Newcastle are in free fall at the moment with no wins in 8 games.

  • To face closure – To close down or become bankrupt

Gretna face closure as they have no money at all.

  • To be docked points – to lose points because of bad behaviour

Gretna may be docked points for not paying thir players.

  • To rant – to become angry and complain about something.

Alex Ferguson ranted at the referee after the defeat at home to Portsmouth.

  • To bundle out of – to defeat, to beat

Liverpool bundled Inter out of the Champions League.

  • Petulant – childish

Roberto Mancini’s behaviour after the Champions League defeat was petulant.

  • To be nip and tuck – two or three teams keep changing positions at the top.

It is nip and tuck this season as three teams have a chance of winning.

  • To play (be) up and down – to not be consistent

Both teams have been up and down recently so it is hard to predict.

  • A two horse race – two teams battling for the championship.

Last year Manchester United and Chelsea were involved in a two-horse race.

  • To run away with it – to be completely in control, to win easily.

Last year Manchester United ran away with the Premier League last year.

  • A game in hand – to have played a game less than your rivals

Chelsea have a couple of games in hand over their rivals.

  • To have the edge over – to have a small advantage

Manchester United have the edge over Arsenal in terms of experience.

  • Disharmony in the camp – not a good feeling among the players in a squad.

There are accusations of disharmony in the Chelsea camp

  • To kick start – to give a boost to

This victory will kick start Arsenal’s title run in.

  • To bounce back – to come back

Bremen are looking to bounce back after their UEFA Cup defeat.

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