Vocabulary – Week 31

Here are some of the words and phrases that we used on this week’s show.
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  • dark horses – teams not expected to do well but they have a small chance of causing a surprise.

Fenerbahce and Schalke are the dark horses in the Champions League.

  • a blow – something negative or bad happens

Messi’s injury is a big blow for Barcelona.

  • hat trick – to score three goals in one game

Torres scored another hat trick in the win over West Ham

  • To be back on track – to return to winning ways

Liverpool are back on track after winning 6 games in a row.

  • A ball boy – a boy that helps to keep the game going by quickly returning the ball to the pitch.

Toro was sent off for pushing a ball boy in a Libertadores Cup game.

  • Bullying – to pick on someone smaller than yourself.

Damon felt that Toro was guilty of bullying the ball boy.

  • Wide TV exposure – to be on TV a lot

The Champions League has a much wider TV exposure than the UEFA Cup.

  • format – the way something works

The UEFA Cup format is confusing indeed.

  • To dilute – to make something weaker

The competition has been diluted in recent times as lower placed teams participate.

  • To be competitive – many teams have a chance of winning.

This year’s tournament is a competitive one indeed.

  • hangover – how you feel after drinking too much. In football this sometimes happens after winning a competition.

Tottenham’s recent performances have been poor – perhaps they are suffering from a Carling Cup hangover.

  • To stretch a lead – to increase the lead

Damon stretched his lead in the predictions race last week.

  • To claw back – to come from behind to win

Damian does not think that Everton can claw back the game against Fiorentina.

  • Aristocrats – royalty, in football it means the top teams

Barnsley are playing the aristocrats from Chelsea in the FA Cup.

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