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Vocabulary – Week 19

Here are some of the words and phrases that we used on this week’s show.
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  • Crash out – to fail, to lose in a competition often by a surprising result

Rangers crashed out of the Champions league.

  • kick out of – throw out of, eject from, stop something

When are Roma going to be kicked out of the Champions League.

  • gulf – gap, space

The gulf between the top four clubs in the Premier League and the rest is huge.

  • barely – scarcely, only just

Before 1992, football was barely seen on British television.

  • flock – gather in large numbers like birds

Crowds flocked to the new stadia being built.

  • at the heart of – at the centre of

Sky was at the heart of all of football’s popularity.

  • wield – use power, hold and use a weapon

There are many concerns at the power that Murdoch’s channel wields.

  • dodgy – not reliable, unsafe

Arsenal have hit a bit of dodgy form.

  • run away with – in sport, to win comfortably or easily

Lyon are running away with the league in France.

  • to tip – to predict, give advice

I tipped Bremen to do well, but they lost last week.


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