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Vocabulary – Week 16

Here are some of the words and phrases that we used on this week’s show.
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  • horrendous – horrible, terrible

England’s performance was described as horrendous by the media.

  • write off his career – to feel that someone can no longer play / work

The Paraguayan player’s career was written off after his accident.

  • impressive – excellent, of a high quality

The Croatian performance was impressive at Wembley.

  • To squeak past – to just do enough to win, to win luckily

Russia squeaked past Andorra 1-0 on Wednesday.

  • a quote – a comment that may appear in the media.

Steven Gerrard’s quote about England upset Damon this week.

  • To give it their all – to really try hard

Scotland gave it their all against Italy but it was not enough.

  • To sit back – to defend deeply, to fall back

England sat back after the equalising goal.

  • To throw away – to lose a winning position

England threw away their qualification chances after their performance against Croatia.

  • Elbowing – to use the elbow

Tevez was sent off for elbowing a Colombian opponent last week.

  • Demise – fall

England’s demise may be connected to poor coaching.

  • Catch (someone’s) eye – to catch someone’s attention

The performance by Xavi and Iniesta caught my eye last week against Sweden.

  • Sunday-league football – a low-level style of football, basic level

England played like a Sunday-league football team.

  • Impeccable – perfect

The performance by the Croats was described as impeccable in the media.

  • Crucial – very important

The games between the top and bottom teams in the Premier League this week are crucial ones indeed.

  • To get the chop – to lose a job, to be fired

Steve McClaren got the chop last week.

  • To clean the cupboard – to start again, to freshen things up

England need to clean the cupboard after their performances in this campaign.

  • To live up to – to reach the levels expected of them

England’s players never really lived up to the promise expected of them.

  • To see through – to ensure a result

Italy’s experience saw them through against Scotland.

  • Tasty affair – a game to look forward to

West Ham and Spurs should be a tasty affair.

  • Turned the corner – improved performances

Let’s see if Wigan can turn the corner with their new manager.

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