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Here are some words and phrases you can hear on languagecaster’s Good, Bad and Ugly section of the podcast – a review of the footballing news. For more English practice check out our worksheets, football glossary and English for football phrases.

  • In a row: consecutively

Example: Gamba Osaka are the second Japanese team in a row to win the Asian Champions League title.

  • Aggregate: Total, the added score over two games

Example: Gamba defeated Adelaide 5-0 on aggregate.

  • Class act: Someone or something special

Example: Yasuhito Endo from Gamba Osaka is a class act indeed.

  • Thrashing: A huge defeat of another team

Example: Barcelona gave Valladolid a thrashing last weekend.

  • Battling: A word to describe a team (or player) that works hard and does not lose easily.

Example: Malaga lost 3-4 to Real Madrid last week in a battling performance.

  • (a) Thriller: A really exciting game.

Example: Malaga lost a 3-4 thriller against Real Madrid last weekend.

  • To be Dumped (out of): To be beaten (usually by a smaller team

Example: Real Madrid were dumped out of the Spanish Cup by Real Union last night. A real shock indeed.

  • To not have a clue: To have no idea, be completely lost

Example: Real Madrid coach Schuster said he did not have a clue why his side keep letting in goals.

  • a Brawl: A huge fight between many people

Example: A brawl broke out between Bolivian team Aurora’s players and local police.

  • a Stand off: When two sets of groups get ready to fight each other

Example: Tear gas had to be used to break up the stand off between the players and police.

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