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Vocabulary – Week 14

Here are some of the words and phrases that we used on this week’s show.
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Check out the BBC’s football vocabulary page here

  • in the bag – safe, safely owned

Liverpool have another record in the bag.

  • rampant – totally dominating their opponent

Liverpool were absolutely rampant against Besiktas

  • be back on track – return to winning, get back to the original plan

Surely they’ll be back on track now.

  • be up to scratch – be the expected standard, be a high level

Is the Champions League up to scratch.

  • eagerly await – look forward to

Asian fans are eagerly awaiting the second leg of the final in Japan.

  • taste success – win something, have experience of winning a competition for example

Iran tasted success in the Asian Club Champions Cup in 1970, 1990 and 1992.

  • haves and gave nots – groups with money and without money, or with power and without power

Derby is one of the have nots in the Premier League while Manchester United are one of the haves.

  • allegedly – supposedly, some people claimed

The game between Arsenal and Manchester United was allegedly watched by a billion people.

  • to sew up – to make something certain (for example victory in a football game), to gain complete control of something

Portsmouth had the game sewn up after thirty minutes.

  • no love lost between… – the two clubs, or people, don’t like each other, they dislike each other

There’s no love lost between Birmingham and Aston Villa.


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