Vocabulary: Week 13

Here are some words and phrases you can hear on languagecaster’s Good, Bad and Ugly section of the podcast – a review of the footballing news. For more English practice check out our worksheets, football glossary and English for football phrases.

  • Statue: a representation or copy of (usually) a person in stone, metal or wood

Example: Brian Clough, or Cloughie to most English football fans, is to get a statue put up in his honour in the centre of Nottingham.

  • Outspoken: speaking directly, not hiding criticism

Example: The outspoken and colourful coach (here are some great quotes), most famously of Derby and Nottingham Forest, won two European Cups with Forest and won the Championship with both clubs.

  • On the trot: one after another, in succession, a series of

Example: Del Piero’s club team Juventus have now won five on the trot.

  • Throw away: Usually, you throw away rubbish / garbage because you don’t want it, but when you throw away a football game, it means that you wasted a chance, you could have won but poor play meant you did not.

Example: Arsenal threw away the game at home against derby rivals Tottenham, eventually drawing 4-4.

  • Petulant: childish, sulky, bad-tempered

Example: Van Persie was sent off for a petulant shove on the Stoke goalie, Sorensen.

  • Trounce: beat by a large number of goals, thrash, hammer

Example: Fernabache are the side Arsenal trounced 5-2 in Turkey.

  • Have it all to do: have a lot of work to do, have a big challenge, be in a difficult situation

Example: Adelaide were completely outplayed and will have it all to do in the second leg next week if they wish to become the first ever Australian champions of Asia.

  • Spit: to eject saliva from the mouth, often when you are angry or as a sign of disrespect

Example: Spitting happens on the football pitch a lot, but usually a player is spitting on the ground not at another player.

  • Erupt: explode violently, boil over, suddenly happen

Example: The Copa Sudamericana continues to make the headlines for all the wrong reasons as yet again a match involving Brazilian and Argentinian sides erupted into violence.

  • Dissent: disagreement, protest at, challenge, refusal to accept a decision

Example: Brazilian defender Andre Luis was then sent off for grabbing the referee’s yellow card from his pocket and waving it at him in clear dissent.


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