Soccer Vocabulary – Week 1 2006-07

Soccer Vocabulary – Week 1 2006-07

Podcast 1 (October 31st) Vocabulary 1 doc

competition – tournament
e.g. The Champions League is a competition for the strongest club sides in Europe.

nil – no goals scored
e.g. Manchester United beat Bolton 4-0 (four nil)

hat trick – three goals scored by the same player in the same match
e.g. Wayne Rooney’s hat trick helped Manchester United beat Bolton.

transfer – when a player moves from one club to another club
e.g. Michael Ballack was transferred from Bayern Munich to Chelsea in the summer

sitting on top – the team are leading the league (are first)
e.g. Werder Bremen are sitting on top of the Bundesliga

rotation policy – when a team’s starting members are changed on a regular basis
e.g. Liverpool should stop using the rotation policy if they want to win the League.

local derby – a game between two teams from the same area
e.g. Tottenham against Arsenal is a fierce local derby in London.

squad – the group of payers belonging to a club (usually about 25 players) e.g. the Chelsea squad is the most expensive in the world.

breakaway goal – a goal scored on the counter attack (a quick attack from defence) e.g. Liverpool defended and hoped for a breakaway goal.

pundit – an expert on football
e.g. the pundits feel that Chelsea will be favourites to win the League again.

in a row – consecutively, one after another.
e.g. West Ham lost 8 games in a row.

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